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A one stop shop where the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem can learn, share, connect and network with others within the Community. Peer to Peer discussions , product demonstrations, blogs & videos.

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    Microsoft’s all-in-one business management solution for small and medium sized businesses is now available in the cloud as a robust, scalable solution to take your business to the next level. Accountnet recognizes that enabling a successful cloud business management solution is an important strategic decision.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business management solution that helps companies connect their General Ledger and Financial Reporting to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and make better decisions. With this modern business platform, you can easily and quickly tailor, extend and build applications so they fit your specific needs - with little to no code development.


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    After a tumultuous midterm election season, the results are in. Healthcare (mainly protections around pre-existing conditions) seem to have been a top issue among many voters this election, and the results seem to speak to the ACA’s growing popularity in recent years, strengthening the position of the Affordable Care Act:

    • With Democrats in control of the House, Republicans will be unable to move forward with any lingering plans for repeal.
    • A divided Congress could mean that any changes on the federal level may take a long time or not happen at all; and most changes may unfold on the state level. Democrats are expected to focus their healthcare agenda on the much-needed fixes to the ACA and prescription drug reform rather than any fundamental changes that would face steep hurdles in the Republican-controlled Senate and a certain veto by President Trump.

    What does this mean for US Employers?

    Stay the course. Unlike the individual mandate that will stop being enforced as of January 1, 2019, the Employer Mandate is still in force and there are no signs of that changing. Therefore, ALL the compliance rules still apply.

    Nearing year-end and 2018 tax reporting, this would be a good time to run through the specifics of the employer mandate on who needs to comply, how and when to comply, and what the repercussions are if you don’t comply – read our comprehensive blog on that here. In nutshell: during the 2018 filing year (and future years), US employers with 50 or more full-time employees (as defined by the ACA) must continue to:

    • Provide affordable coverage that meets minimum value to all full-time, eligible employees.
    • Actively manage employee eligibility for the entire calendar year.
    • Timely file and furnish accurate and complete 1094-C and 1095-C forms.

    Make sure you have the systems and processes in place to do all this accurately and efficiently – Integrity Data’s ACA solution can help.

    Download our ACA Checklist for 2018

    What changes can we hope for?

    That is the million dollar question – some possibilities (but don’t hold us to that – call us naive):

    Fully repealing the Cadillac Tax

    The Cadillac Tax, set to take effect in 2022 under delays signed into law in December 2015 and January 2018, calls for a 40% excise tax on the value of coverage over specified thresholds. This unpopular tax on high cost health coverage had already been pushed out – maybe bi-partisan support will get it repealed once and for all. One can hope.

    Repealing the Health Insurance Tax

    This health insurance “provider fee” is tax levied on the health insurers based on the premiums they collect – this cost would most likely be passed on to consumers. It was suspended for 2017, came back for 2018 and is now suspended again for 2019 – good news for employers that purchase insurance coverage since it will most likely mitigate insurance premium increases for 2019 renewals.

    Some relief for employer reporting

    There may be at least a softening of the ACA employer mandate – for example, making the reporting easier for employers by simplifying it. This won’t happen quickly but it is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

    This would all be wonderful but again, don’t get your hopes up too high. Keep an eye on developments in 2019 – follow our blog.

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    Purpose: The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how we can reverse a posted customer transaction through X++. The code below can be used as a script to automate reversal of posted customer transactions...(read more)

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    Overview The USD Accelerator is a pre-build Unified Service Desk configuration aimed at helping speed your USD project. It comes in two version, one supporting the traditional Dynamics 365 web client...(read more)

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    In my spare time I have been building a .NET 4.5.2 library for the Tibco Scribe Online API. For one developer this has been a daunting task and I am at the point that I need some help. I have the library...(read more)

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    In Support of my Sister


    OREGON FRIENDS: MARK your calendar.
    Start your December with great food and gifts at the annual Holiday Farmers Market & Grange Luncheon on Saturday December 1st from 10 am to 3 pm at White Clover Grange of Mohler, OR.

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    Let us take see a simple example of how the installation order of solution and patch works in case of Dynamics 365 CE. Suppose we have a Solution A with only Account Number field with display name renamed...(read more)

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    A question I get asked sometimes, during my Power BI trainings is, can I use PowerPoint to display my Power BI reports and dashboards? Yes of course, I usually answer, and then I explain, that in your Power BI workspace, when you select your report more

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    I have written about executing recurring jobs in Dynamics 365 few times in the past. Over time, I suggested different scheduling mechanisms such as Microsoft Dynamics Workflow Timeout step or Azure Scheduler, as the pattern I suggested allows changing the scheduling mechanism without impacting other solution parts.

    Asynchronous Batch Process Pattern

    Flow can be also used as a scheduling mechanism, one that does not require coding like Azure Function,  as it has a built in integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online.
    Once invoked on schedule, the executing component query Dynamics 365 for target business records and apply some business logic (Process) to each business record.

    In this post I would like to demonstrate a solution for executing a recurring job in Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Flow as the scheduling component.

    Sample business requirement

    Weekly Leads Evaluation: once a week, disqualify all Leads that are more than 5 days old and are not rated ‘Hot’.
    Add a note to each Lead record to indicate that it was disqualified by an automated process.


    1. Download, Import and publish the ABP unmanaged solution.
    2. Create the Action component: Disqualify Lead Workflow

      This Workflow Rule will be applied to each valid target business record. It simply attaches a Note and changes the Lead record state to Disqualified. It can be a/synchronous, but you may want to start with a asynchronous execution to monitor the process execution.
      Make sure you define the process as an on-demand process with no automated triggers.

      Create the Action component: Disqualify Lead Workflow

    3. Define Target Business Records Query

      Using the Advanced Find, define a new query to retrieve all Lead records where Created On date is older than 5 days and are not rated ‘Hot’.
      Click to Edit Columns button and remove all possible columns to maximize the query efficiency.
      Click the Download Fetch XML button and open the resulting file with some text editor. Copy the FetchXML query text to the clipboard

      Define Target Business Records Query

    4. Create a Batch Process Record

      This record is used to orchestrate by holding a FetchXML query to define the target business records and also the Action process which will be applied on the the target business records.
      If you imported an unmanaged solution, find the Batch Process entity and set it to appear in the Settings area.
      Create a Batch Process record and paste the FetchXML query text into the Target Records textbox.
      Name the record ‘Weekly Leads Evaluation Process’.
      Select the Disqualify Lead Workflow (created in step 2) in the Process Lookup field and save the record.
      Copy the Reference Token value for the next step.

      Create a Batch Process Record

    5. Define Flow Rule

      In your tenant, navigate to the Flow area and create an empty Flow named Weekly Leads Evaluation.
      Define a Recurrence Trigger to trigger the batch process

      Define a Recurrence Trigger to trigger the batch processDefine a Recurrence Trigger to trigger the batch process

      Next, define a List records action.
      In the Filter Query text box, paste the Batch Process Reference Token value and precede it with dyn_referencetoken eq (e.g. dyn_referencetoken eq ‘LOGY8Y1W6’).

      Next, define a List records action

      Define Update record action which will automatically wrap it with Apply to each wrapper. Add a Condition before the Update Action to verify that the Flow operates only if the Batch Process record status is Scheduled.

      Define Update record action which will automatically wrap it with Apply to each wrapper

    6. Activate

      Change the Batch Process record status to Scheduled and save.
      Activate the Flow Rule.
      You can monitor the Flow activation by navigating to the Run History area.

      You can monitor the Flow activation by navigating to the Run History area

      For each run, you can see the completion status (success/failure) and failure reason

      For each run, you can see completion status (success/failure) and failure reason

    Similarly, you can now add additional scheduled batch processes.

    Implementation Details

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    When closing a transaction your Retail POS gives error "Required value is missing". Error is quite generic but if you RDP to the Retail Server >>> Windows Event Log >>> Application...(read more)

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    Have you ever struggled how to get page number & total pages in body section ? Here is the solution that  might help for you. We can implement this by introducing new two functions in RDLC. Then...(read more)

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    Sometimes, when pushing data down your retail channel database, to integrate Dynamics 365 Retail HQ with a Retail Store or a Store-Front you might not be 100% sure which scheduler sub-job covers which...(read more)

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    Sometimes you might be seen Print Layout button is not available in your report. This is very common problem and sometimes in the standard reports. If you faced similar problem, look carefully your code...(read more)

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    Some days I have regular old situational depression.

    My old dog died a month ago.  I’ve been sad. 

    I have a chronic illness that will never go away and promises a lifetime of pain.  That really sucks.

    And with the empty nest we have now, it gets kinda quiet and lonely sometimes.

    These are all normal; I don't need drugs for that. As much as that makes me sad some days, I welcome it, I don't shy away from emotions.  But sad terrifies me.

    The battle against depression is a long one. Every variety of depression looks a little bit different than the next. For me it’s crying. Just crying. If you asked me what was wrong, I'd have no answer.

    When life itself was miserable, depression just felt ordinary. But I knew I needed help when I had everything I could have ever dreamed of, and I still cried every day. Literally every day. I am currently responding well to my meds, and I have been for over a decade. It took a couple of tries to find the right one for me. That’s where a good doctor can help. I still feel a full range of life's emotions.  But without the weight of the beast that is depression sitting on my shoulders.

    I have achieved personal and professional success. I still have depression. It is not situational.

    Luckily, my depression does not come with the despair and hopelessness that so many others feel. However, if not treated, I can see how it could go there quickly.

    I have found great success with a good doctor and good medication.  If I was not that fortunate, then I could totally see where self-medication would be a welcome relief.  This is how many many addictions find their way into the lives of people you love.

    If you need help, please get it. It is a sign of strength to get that help, not a sign of weakness. Find a doctor that will step you thru the process of finding your way out from under the weight of depression. It is exhausting to pretend to be ok when you are not.

    If you know someone that needs help, help them find that help. If you don’t know what to do, ask someone (like me) for ideas.

    If you are reading this, know that I will be there for you. I am happy to be your 3am phone call when the tears just won’t end.

    I am not ashamed. I should be ashamed if I didn't seek treatment or if I hid behind a diagnosis.

    Most days I win. Some days the demons win. I am fortunate that my battles are small ones.

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     Hi All,

    Microsoft Have Released Cumulative Update for November 2018.

    Please find below the details of Cumulative Updates Released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, NAV 2016, NAV 2017 & NAV 2018.

    Below are the Links to Download the Latest Cumulative Update.

    Read Complete Article »

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    Imagine a scenario where we have both the disable rule and HideCustomAction implemented for a ribbon button. Let us see with an example what will happen in this scenario. First, let us implement the display...(read more)

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    Extensions and Business Apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the hottest topics at the moment. We have published a great article with the tips and steps “How to move to Extensions”...(read more)

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    CRM for Oil and Gas eBooks

    Lubricant Marketers, do you really know where your equipment is, such as expensive tanks, or do you rely on good word alone to see your equipment loan contracts through?

    As Lubricant Marketers, it can be hard to be sure the right product is going in the tanks you loan out and know where those tanks are.

    While you want to keep profiting from loaning them out, you also want to be sure contracts are being fulfilled.

    Face it – you can’t ever be 100% sure.

    Though you have may formerly relied on phone calls with your customers or vocal promises alone, CRM takes things to the next level for Lubricant Marketers to help eliminate the wondering and guessing.

    What a relief, right?

    Equipment Tracking in CRM lets Lubricant Marketers see who still has their equipment, where it is, what product is going into which tanks, and when their contracts are due to expire or be renewed.

    By tying accounts to equipment in CRM via Loaned Equipment Tracking, Lubricant Marketers can record and track which customers have their equipment and the product that is supposed to be in them.

    Consider: How much money do you have “out there” (with your tanks) and do you know where your money really is?

    For example, in CRM, if an end date record is blank, it may indicate a customer still has the equipment, but their contract has expired and needs to be renewed.

    Loaned Equipment Tracking helps Lubricant Marketers identify who is and isn’t meeting their commitments set against their product history.

    With Equipment Tracking in CRM, you can get rid of all of the pesky spreadsheets and documents you may currently be using to track loaned equipment and ensure customers are meeting their contract requirements, and see everything you need to know about your equipment in one place.

    See who has your equipment, which tanks are where, which products are going into what tanks or not, and more, all with dashboards in CRM that provide easy visualization to Lubricant Marketers.

    Lubricant Marketers report fulfilling their ROI based on Equipment Tracking alone.

    Are you interested in this advantage of the right CRM solution for the Oil and Gas industry? Take advantage of Equipment Tracking yourself …

    Learn more about how Lubricant Marketers are using CRM to Drive Success in Ledgeview’s NEW eBook for the Oil and Gas industry!

    Download it here.

    Download Now

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    Most people who have used CRM for a while either as a consultant or System Administrator will be familiar with data imports. You’ve got the ability to import CSV files and create new records in your...(read more)

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    A vendor invoice for a purchase order is an invoice that is attached to a purchase order. It contains a header and one or more lines for items or services. A vendor invoice finishes the purchase order...(read more)

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