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A one stop shop where the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem can learn, share, connect and network with others within the Community. Peer to Peer discussions , product demonstrations, blogs & videos.

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    About this Course This course describes the Common Data Service (CDS) Data Integrator capabilities when integrating between Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations as well...(read more)

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    About this Course This course provides information on basic technical and developmental skills to customise Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. This course also provides information about...(read more)

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    About this Course This course reviews the concepts related to the functional areas of Distribution and Trade in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. It reviews the concepts related to Configuring and...(read more)

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    About this Course This course covers all aspects of development in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail. It begins by introducing the operational components of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail and development...(read more)

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    About this Course This course provides information on Point of Sale, Retail Merchandising, Catalog Management, Channel Management and Corporate Operations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail. It begins...(read more)

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    About this Course These bootcamp workshops are designed for new professionals with some ERP experience looking to learn, understand, and improve their functional skills of Dynamics 365 for Finance and...(read more)

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    About this Course These bootcamp workshops are designed for new professionals with some ERP experience looking to learn, understand, and improve their functional skills of Dynamics 365 for Finance and...(read more)

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    In theory, requesting the backup of the online database seems very easy and straightforward. We basically need to raise a support ticket with Microsoft and provide the following details. SQL Version –...(read more)

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    Our online presence is becoming more and more incorporated into the way we do business. Rental companies too are increasingly seeing the benefits of conducting business online. And of course, every company has a website nowadays and is used to emailing clients, but the internet brings even more benefits. There are fascinating trends emerging in rental businesses and their online behavior that is important to be aware of.

    Used equipment online

    Not only are rental businesses more and more attuned to the benefits of the internet through their websites and online marketing, but also using eBay is an interesting development. Rental companies are using this medium to unload their used equipment, or even to pick up little-used equipment. Traders are also moving towards the internet, instead of visiting the different rental companies or calling them. This saves everyone time and effort.

    Image 1: Unload or pick up your used equipment online for your rental company

    Finding required parts online

    Finding the right parts for certain equipment used to be a hassle that meant many phone calls to different companies. Even if you found the right parts, you could never really be sure if you had bought them for the right price. Of course, experience could make this process easier, but still you knew there must be a better way. It is not surprising then that finding parts through the internet saves time and gives you much more freedom to find the best or cheapest options.

    Working paperlessly

    No more ordering or paying bills on paper—with the Cloud, everything can be done digitally. This means it saves costs because you do not have to buy paper, printer ink, printers, stamps, etc. But it also means you do not need someone to keep your files tidy. From account managers and bookkeepers to the financial department, everyone can access everything they need automatically.

    Image 2: Working online and paperless equals freedom for your customers and your rental business

    Your customer will always feel in control

    Being able to monitor rented equipment on their laptop, mobile, or tablet gives your customers a sense of control. They can always see where the equipment has gone, who within their company rented it, and when it needs to be renewed. It gives both you and the customer the freedom of an easier workflow between departments. And that is our goal: to make the customer’s journey as efficient as possible.

    Curious about our solutions for your industry? We’re more than happy to provide you with a tailored demonstration. Please contact us at!

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    I think that most of you who are writing applications connecting to Dynamics 365 already wrote thousands of some similar code: It’s simply connecting to Dynamics 365 using connection string and...(read more)

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    CRM for Oil and Gas eBook

    Lubricant Marketers, do you have a way to manage your sales territories, and map and plan your salespeople’s travel routes to optimize customer interactions and create new opportunities?

    Things aren’t as simple as they used to be. We understand the frustration this causes in the Oil and Gas industry, but CRM makes it way less painful and easier to manage territories than before.

    Word of mouth isn’t the only solution anymore when it comes to finding new opportunities and selling to new business. It’s not a matter of happenstance or dropping by a customer or potential customer and having things work out.

    CRM helps salespeople plan their travel routes, as well as drivers, to optimize customer relationships and create new opportunities.

    In CRM, salespeople can identify plot points along a travel route to stop at, check in on current customers, recruit new customers, schedule appointments, etc.

    Territory Management in CRM is a wonderful tool for Lubricant Marketers to take advantage of in the modern business climate.

    Once you pinpoint locations on your travel route, you will know exactly where to stop and how to maximize your travels. Your sales manager will be very happy you’re taking advantage of this in your CRM system – trust us!

    You can also map according to the radius of a lead, so just in case an appointment falls through, for example, your travel time will not have been wasted, nor will your finances.

    The potential is vast with Territory Management in CRM.

    Here are some Quick Wins:

    • Addressing Appointment Cancellation: With CRM for Oil and Gas, if your client cancelled on you last-minute as you’re about to arrive to their destination, your travels and finances will not have been wasted, as we stated above, because you can map points of interest near the territory to check in on or create new business from while you’re away from your home base.
    • Making the Most of Your Travel Time: If you find you have extra time between appointments, Territory Management will help you optimize your route, and you can stop at the next place according to who appears closest on your map.
    • See More Customers in Fewer Trips: Your sales manager will love it when you take advantage of this aspect of Territory Management in CRM! You won’t be making any more trips to just see one customer, but you can really make the most of your travels with Territory Management by setting several appointments in the same area, maximizing your potential to create new opportunities.

    Learn more about how Lubricant Marketers are using CRM to Drive Success in Ledgeview’s NEW eBook for the Oil and Gas industry!

    Download it here.

    Download Now

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    CRMUG 4th Quarter 2018 Meeting

    Are you a member of CRMUG in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin?

    Ledgeview Partners and CRMUG invite you to join us on Wed. Dec. 5 from 8:30, to 11:30 a.m. CST.

    As the meeting notes state,“we are excited to bring a local CRMUG community back to the Fox Valley to give us a place to share our knowledge, experience, and stories, along with networking opportunities”.

    This meeting will be hosted in the Bordini Center of Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wisconsin.

    When you register, you will get insight into the full agenda.

    You can do that here.

    Register to Attend

    All Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM users are welcome to attend, so don’t worry if it’s the first time you’ll be attending!

    Everyone starts somewhere, and we are excited to meet you.

    Your CRMUG Membership extends to all employees at your company, so, when you register with CRMUG, we invite all of your users, colleagues, and peers to join us.

    Partner members are also welcome to attend, per the stipulations provided in the meeting agenda.

    Don’t skim over the details for this meeting – they’re very important.

    If you have questions, reach out to Ashley Steiner:

    e: 602.319.6406 

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    Hi Readers,

    Microsoft has published "Ready To Go" Online Learning Catalog. I haven't gone through in detail but I am sure that content prepared my Microsoft should help in our work/business.

     The Learning content is grouped based on Roles that you fill in your organization -
    • Developers
    • Consultant
    • Pre-Sales
    • Sales
    • Marketeers
    • Business Decision Makers

    Read Complete Article »

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  • 11/28/18--02:17: MB6-898 Manage jobs
  • The first skillset in Manage the Attract and Recruiting Processes (25 – 30%) is; Manage jobs Create new jobs; import jobs from Excel; update job details; define the job settings(read more)

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    Microsoft Dynamics GPThis post is part of the Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 New Features series in which I am going hands on with the new features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 (which was released on the 2nd October). I reblogged the new features as Microsoft announced them along with some commentary of how I thought they would be received by both my clients and I. In this series, I will be hands on with them giving feedback of how well they work in reality.

    The first feature, I am hands on with, is not one of the announced features. Instead it is a new addition to the Home Page of Microsoft Dynamics GP; Intelligent Edge. I first encountered it when I ran the Dynamics GP 2018 R2 client for the first time. I said when I first saw it, that it was not going to be either welcome or useful to clients.

    I also said that I hoped someone would find a Dex.ini switch which could be used to switch it off, or re-purpose it to another site such as an Intranet site. Well, MVP David Musgrave has taken a look through the code and found three settings in the Dex.ini file and two messages which need to be updated.

    Once this has been done, Intelligent Edge will be no more; instead a useful page can be displayed:

    Repurposed Intelligent Edge

    As you can see in the example above, I have re-purposed the Intelligent Edge to point at, but this could equally be your Intranet site, Office 365 or other page.

    To re-purpose Intelligent Edge, the first step is to add the following lines to the Dex.ini file under the [General] heading:

    Dex.ini file with the new lines

    The second change needs to be done via Modifer where you change two of the Messages. Modifer is accessible via Microsoft Dynamics GP menu » Tools » Customise » Modifer. Once in Modifier, click on Resources » Messages…:


    Enter 19663 in the Message ID field and then set the Message to the desired value:

    Messages changed to required value

    Repeat this for Message ID19664.

    Once these two messages have been amended, go back to Microsoft Dynamics GP and you will see that the button at the top of the standard home page has been amended:

    Home page with renamed link

    When you select the link, the Intelligent Edge itself has been renamed and the page itself shows the web page added to the Dex.ini file:

    The above change has been made on one client and will only impact that one client.

    To roll out to other clients, you could make all of the above changes on each client, but this is somewhat time consuming.

    There are two items which need to be managed to roll this out to all clients:

    1. The Dex.ini file changes.
    2. The Messages changes.

    The Dex.ini file can be updated on all clients using GP Power Tools or it could be copied between clients.

    The Messages changes are stored in the FORMS.DIC file; if you have shared dictionary files then you won’t need to take any additional actions and the updated messages will automatically be available to all users. The other approach you could take is to copy the FORMS.DIC to other clients which need these changes.

    Click to show/hide the Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 New Features Series Index

    Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 New Features
    Repurposing the Intelligent Edge page

    Read original post Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 New Features: Repurposing the Intelligent Edge page at azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant

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  • 11/28/18--04:09: Compnay Currency X++
  • Company Currency X++ You can find the company Currency using below Code. CompanyInfo::standardCurrency() Ledger::accountingCurrency(CompanyInfo::current() info(strFmt("%1",CompanyInfo::standardCurrency...(read more)

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    Dynamics 365 Business Central has had a great first year marked by overwhelming enthusiasm in the partner community, a massive uptake in consumer interest, and many well-received conferences. To mark the...(read more)

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    Die von der Elster Schnittstelle verwendete notwendige Mindestversion wurde erhöht. Die Datei, wie wir Sie im Moment erzeugen, wird nicht mehr akzeptiert obwohl die Schnittstelle selbst noch bis Januar zur Verfügung steht. Leider ist es nicht damit getan, nur die Version des Transferheaders zu erhöhen, da auch das verwendete Signaturverfahren durch die Anhebung der Schnittstellenversion geändert wurde und damit das von uns verwendete Verfahren nicht mehr unterstützt wird. (Siehe Beschreibung Elster Schnittstelle)


    Mit der Einführung der TransferHeader-Version 11 existiert nur noch eine Art der Authentifizierung, diese  erfolgt über den verschlüsselten, komprimierten, base64-Kodierten DatenTeil und wird im TransferHeader abgelegt (Vorgang: „send-Auth“). 

    Die Signatur im NutzdatenHeader (Vorgang: „send-Sig“) wird nicht mehr unterstützt.


    Die aktualisierten Objekte werden im Dezember Cumulative Update bereitgestellt. Der Upload muss dann manuell erfolgen.

    Mit freundlichem Gruß

    Andreas Günther

    Escalation Engineer
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
    CSS EMEA Dynamics and SMS&P

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    Introduction: With the release of Dynamics 365 v9.0 Project Service Automation has become more powerful in terms of project management capabilities, PSA version 3 has a new feature added called “ Reconciliation...(read more)

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    Microsoft Dynamics GPDon’t be fooled by the name; the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 U.S. Year End Update includes other fixes, some of which are critical to clients running the Vat Daybook module.

    This fix has all the usual stuff for the Payroll (US) module which you can read about here.

    The other good stuff in this version is:

    • System
    • VAT Daybook
      • Purchasing tax amounts from GL entries are subtracting from boxes 2 and 7, instead of adding to boxes 4 and 7 on the VAT Summary.
      • Sales returns and credit memos are not deducting total taxable amount from box 6 on VAT return, and voids from box 1 and box 6.
      • Purchasing returns & credit memo’s, voids are not deducting total taxable amount from box 7 on VAT return, and invoices not updating box 4.

    The Microsoft Dynamics GP hot fix is available from: Customer Source  or PartnerSource  .

    The VAT Daybook fixes have also been rolled back into Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (but no earlier): Customer Source  or PartnerSource  .

    Read original post Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 U.S. Year End Update Released (Includes Critical VAT Daybook Fixes) at azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant

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