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A one stop shop where the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem can learn, share, connect and network with others within the Community. Peer to Peer discussions , product demonstrations, blogs & videos.

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    I n many companies, clean data are the base of important business processes. Analyzed data is essential – especially for new insights or as a decision-making aid. Because these data don’t come from a single...(read more)

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    Here is a wrap-up of latest licensing news and results of Q&A licensing sessions in Dynamics 365 Business Central general licensing concepts Named user concept. Named CALs are assigned on a “named...(read more)

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    Dynamics CRM 2016 introduced the concept of solution segmentation, solution patching and cloning and indeed it has come a long way over the last 2-3 years. We are now exposed to CDM, flows, powerapps and...(read more)

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    How to get Vendors or Customer Contact Information Primary & None Primary Via below code you can get the Vendor/Customer complete contact information (Primary & None Primary). LogisticsElectronicAddress...(read more)

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    Two new options will be available when printing the Historical Inventory Trial Balance Report. These options will appear in the Inventory Activity Reporting Options window and can be selected individually...(read more)

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    With the release of Dynamics 365 Business Central a successor of Dynamics NAV, things are going to change. If I am not wrong from year 2020 Modern Development Environment will be the only platform available...(read more)

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    With business central new web client has been introduced with very rich features and improves productivity of users Listed few of the changes as follows. Home Page Ribbon Navigation Pane Tiles Search Document...(read more)

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    Create Contact Person for Vendor Or Customer AX 2012 & D365FO Important In D365FO use ContactPersonSyncEntity class and in AX 2012 use ContactPersonEntity Using below code you can create contact person...(read more)

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    To use Dynamics 365 for Talent you need to first buy the license. What kind of license you should buy depends on your organisation, there are (as of October 2018) four options witch includes Talent: ...(read more)

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    Under the rapid release cadence one of the challenges is to keep track of what’s changed when and how the features, both old and new, are exposed to end users. It’s like being on Masterchef when today’s challenge is cooking with open fire, tomorrow – flame thrower, and the day after we’re supposed to cook a perfect steak using nothing but our body heat.

    For the reasons that will remain unknown, Neil “Agile” Benson decided to create a custom activity called Special Alert. Users could create special alerts from the Other Activities button on the main Activities command bar, but not from the Quick Create button or the Timeline control on the contact form or on the related Activities view on the contact form.

    Turns out, there are few prerequisites for a custom activity to appear in the timeline control:

    • Entity is added to the app
    • Entity is enabled for Mobile
    • If Timeline is filtered by specific activities, entity is added in Timeline control configuration. Configuration is accessible via Timeline control properties.

    If all these conditions are true, then Timeline will show the custom activity, as attested by Mr Benson.

    (Facebook and Twitter cover photo by Jacob Miller on Unsplash)

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    Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 was released on the 2nd October. In this series of posts, I’ll be going hands on and installing the majority of the components; some of them, such as Analysis Cubes for Excel, which are little used, I won’t be covering.

    The series index will automatically update as posts go-live in this series.

    GP PowerShell was introduced a few versions ago and gives commands which be used to, for example, create companies or deploy additional tenants.

    To install GP PowerShell, launch the setup utility and, under Additional Products, select GP PowerShell:

    Setup Utility

    Click Next to start:


    Accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next:

    License Agreement

    Once the installation is complete, click Finish:

    Installation Complete

    Click to show/hide the Hands On with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 Series Index

    Read original post Hands On with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2: Install GP PowerShell at azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant

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    Our new release of Click2Clone solution and its new features has been helping Dynamics CRM users save a lot of time. Originally, Click2Clone started with some basic features of cloning records in a simple...(read more)

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    Here are the resources from last month’s community call. Role Based Certifications New role based certifications and exams coming. In the past certifications have been very product focused and students...(read more)

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    New Module in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations Following are the Steps of Implementation: Step-1 Create Extension of MainMenu. Reference screenshot: Step-2 Create new Menu and add two sub menu...(read more)

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    Data is one of the prime focus areas of most of the companies. Simply because it is needed for plenty of purposes. Starting from taking key business decisions to devising impactful marketing and sales plans data are used almost everywhere. The data is even used for a variety of things including improving business operations, providing better customer service and enhancing customer engagement, etc. Therefore, every company looks forward to using the tools and services which help them in not only fetching but also storing and utilizing the data. And this where Microsoft Dynamics 365 scores more than any other business solutions.

    Why should you use Dynamics 365?

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of a kind CRM tools which is now quickly turning into a complete package for the businesses. Starting from managing relations with the customer to managing the company’s finances there is a lot that can be done using this marvelous tool. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is developed with the aim of disrupting the market of CRM solutions. It is one such offering, which is going to help firmly in many ways. As, it has various apps and tools for different departments of a firm, including sales. One of the key elements of Dynamics 365 is the feature that helps the users to collect store and analyze the data from one platform.

    (Please visit the site to view this video)

    Dynamics 365 masters the art of data churning, storing, combination and analyzing.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 comprises plenty of different applications. All the apps are aimed to help a certain segment of a business. While one application allows the firm to manage marketing, the other helps to manage operations. At the same time, different areas and apps of Dynamics 365 and all collect different type of data for the benefit of the company.

    For example, data collected by the customer support team are mostly used for improving the customer journey, customer service or to boost customer engagement. However, data collected by the marketing app are used to make better customer acquisition strategies.

    However, data attained from all the different parts of this Dynamics solution are combined as well. Apart from analyzing the data and churning out useful insights, sometimes, one data set is merged with another. This is done to get better and more powerful insights. For example, if a company is looking to build superb marketing plans. Then, apart from solely using the marketing data and insights they can also a better use of the data and insights captured by the customer support department. This data will help them to understand their customers and especially their target audience better.

    How Microsoft Dynamics 365 does merge social and sales data?

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive solution, but it does have various segments. Data from a variety of segments of the solution is used for the betterment of the business. Sometimes, this data is even joined to reach a specific result and to meet a set target. This is where the merging of social and sales data come into play.

    As we know, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a special app for sales, while it also helps the firms to plan, manage and execute their social media campaigns. So data are generated by both the sales as well as the social media section of the app. Both types of data are used by the sales experts. They use the data specifically collected in the sales app to make a better lead capturing and lead conversion plans. At the same time, the data which is collected by the social platform does help to attract more leads. Therefore, both these data sets are merged specifically to allow the sales teams.


    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services is certainly the powerhouse of data. This data is analyzed to get useful insights. And sometimes, different types of data sets are combined to make a set goal, and same is the case with social and sales data.


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    Finally Microsoft have come with the long anticipated Talent to Finance and Operations template based on The Data integrator . You need Talent on CDS for apps (CDS 2.0)and Finance and Operations on version...(read more)

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    Dr. Ludwig Reinhard is a Senior Dynamics AX/365FO consultant and Microsoft MVP with more than 10 years Dynamics AX/365FO implementation experience focusing on the finance and accounting area. He is the...(read more)

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    I like default checkbooks. Anything that makes things more consistent I generally like.

    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2: Checkbook ID Defaults on Computer Check Batch

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    Tested on: Dynamics 365 version 9.1, Field Service solution version 8.x, Unified Interface A common customer scenario is one where a core Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Opportunity form is in use...(read more)

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    The Importance of Digital Transformation for Nonprofits

    Cloud computing capabilities have become commonplace in the business world, but many nonprofit organizations are still operating without them. Over the past few years, however, Microsoft has taken the lead in making Azure cloud computing services available to nonprofit organizations across the globe.

    Adopting cloud computing services such as cloud ERP software for nonprofits can allow these organizations to radically reduce their IT costs. Nonprofit organizations operate on donations, and digital transformation for nonprofits can help make sure that monetary resources are used as effectively and efficiently as possible.

    Rather than dedicating time and personnel to installing and constantly upgrading software, cloud computing services ensure that employees have more time and energy to dedicate to fulfilling the vision and mission of their particular organization.

    To date, Microsoft has donated over $2.5 billion to help advance the digital transformation of nonprofits across the globe. Their Technology for Social Impact (TSI) team is also dedicated to making cloud computing services more accessible and affordable.

    The Role of AKA Enterprise Solutions in Digital Transformation for Nonprofits

    AKA Enterprise Solutions is proud to be working alongside Microsoft to hasten the adoption of cloud computing services at nonprofit organizations worldwide. Besides freeing up resources, this effort has also been fundamental in helping various nonprofits increase their transparency and improve the efficiency of their operations.

    In fact, AKA Enterprise Solutions was the 2018 winner of the Microsoft U.S. Partner for Social Impact Award. This award specifically recognizes a standout partner that has been fundamental in helping nonprofits adopt this new technology.

    As a winner of the 2018 award, AKA was also invited by the TSI team at Microsoft to join forces withNetHope. NetHope brings together the world's largest nonprofits with companies like AKA in an effort to improve IT connectivity at nonprofit organizations around the globe. One of the major goal of this partnership is discovering new ways that technology can help to improve the world.

    D3: A Bold Plan for Digital Transformation

    Adopting new technologies is never easy or straightforward, especially for organizations that are executing difficult projects in some of the world’s most remote areas. However, both NetHope and Microsoft have created a plan to facilitate the digital transformation of nonprofits.

    Known as the D3 plan for digital transformation, D3 stands for “Dream, Design, and Deliver.” Initially, organizations work with NetHope partners like AKA to dream up a vision for how digital transformation can benefit their nonprofit organization. During the design phase, the NetHope partner works with the client to design a solution that fits their needs. Finally, the deliver phase is focused on implementing that solution. Member organizations are partnered with companies like AKA to help them implement their specific vision.

    Global Summit 2018

    On November 5th, the NetHope Global Summit 2018 will be held in Ireland. The theme for this year’s summit is Digital Transformation. As a member of the NetHope team, AKA is thrilled to play an important role in helping nonprofits find ways to better serve their communities through adopting solutions such as Azure Cloud for nonprofits.

    Do you work with a nonprofit organization that’s interested in digital transformation? AKA has experience working with a range of nonprofits, including Commit2DallasLifeworks, and more. Let us put our experience to work for you.Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions today to learn how we can help.

    AKA specializes in making it easier to do business, simplifying processes and reducing risks. With agility, expertise, and original industry solutions, we embrace projects other technology firms avoid—regardless of their complexity. As a true strategic partner, we help organizations slay the dragons that are keeping them from innovating their way to greatness. Call us at 212-502-3900!

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