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A one stop shop where the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem can learn, share, connect and network with others within the Community. Peer to Peer discussions , product demonstrations, blogs & videos.

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    2018 年 7 月、マイクロソフトは、お客様が常に一貫した予測可能な方法で最新の状態を保てるように、Dynamics 365 の更新プログラムの配信方法を 変更 することを発表しました。本日は、その 7 月の発表以降の取り組みに加え、2019 年 4 月リリースのスケジュールと詳細をご紹介します。 ※本稿は、マイクロソフト本社の CVP/COO である Mo Osborne が「 Announcing...(read more)

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    Well, year-end is well underway and now we have released the Canadian Payroll 2017 Year-End which also includes the 2018 tax tables for Canadian Payroll. Canadian Payroll specific documentation and install...(read more)

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    " I want to create a Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations project in LCS, but I only see AX2012 in the Product name dropdown menu. How can I create D365FO projects? " This is a common...(read more)

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    This is the continuation of the 4-part series on getting the GL Account segment description into Excel.  As I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter what you want, if it’s in Dynamics GP, you can get it into Microsoft Excel.

    In this series, I’ll show you how to achieve this using the following tools:

    1. SmartList Designer (Click Here to see it)
    2. Excel Power Query
    3. SmartList Builder (eOne Product)
    4. Excel Builder (eOne Product)

    In this part, I’ll use Excel’s 2016 Get & Transform.  If you have Excel 2013 or 2010, you can download the Power Query Add-On and achieve the same results.

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    The December 2018 update of Dynamics 365 for Marketing is released and available*  for customers to install and update starting now! This update includes several new features, plus plenty of performance and stability improvements.

    Keep reading to learn how to get this update and which new features it includes. For more information about this update, including known and recently fixed issues, see the Dynamics 365 for Marketing readme page.

    * Note: The December 2018 release is now fully rolled out all regions except APj (Asia/Pacific, excluding Japan). We will update this blog post to announce when the update becomes available in  APj.

    How to get the update

    To benefit from this update, you must manually apply it to each of your Dynamics 365 for Marketing instances as described in Keep Marketing up to date.

    Event management enhancements

    Event website customization, duplication, and remote hosting

    We have big news for the event website, which publishes your event schedule, speakers, sponsors, and other details straight from your planning database, plus enables event attendees to register and pay online. It still has all these capabilities, but now it's provided as a downloadable Angular JavaScript project that you can customize and publish anywhere.

    A fully functional sample event website has been included with Dynamics 365 for Marketing event management ever since its initial release. Previously, the sample version was supplied as a native project in Dynamics 365 portals, but from now on we'll provide it as an Angular project, which delivers many advantages, including:

    • Fully functional out of the box: The event website is still provided for all new installs, so you can instantly try it out.
    • Easy copies and backups: The entire event website is now implemented as a single JavaScript file, plus a CSS file, so it's easy to make copies and backups.
    • Easier customization: Download the event website project and then customize it with new features using standard scripting, markup, and styling techniques in your preferred web-development environment.
    • Choose your preferred host: When you're done customizing your event website, you can host it on your own web server or as a site on Dynamics 365 portals.

    For more information, see Set up the event website in the online help.

    The event website is no longer overwritten during updates

    Previously, the event website was provided as a sample built natively using Dynamics 365 portals. This sample site was also updated each time you updated Dynamics 365 for Marketing, which meant that if you customized the sample rather than working on a copy, your customizations would be lost after each update.

    As mentioned in the previous section, the event website is now provided as an Angular project that produces a single JavaScript file and an accompanying CSS file that you can publish anywhere. Starting now, the first time you install Dynamics 365 for Marketing, the Angular version of the event website is installed and hosted on your Dynamics 365 portal. And from now on, when you update Dynamics 365 for Marketing, your event website on the portal will not be updated, regardless of whether you are using the Angular version or the native Dynamics 365 portals version.

    Microsoft will continue to develop and expand the event website that we provide with new installs, but you won't see these improvements when you update Dynamics 365 for Marketing. If you'd like to try out the latest version, you can always download it from the Microsoft download center, try it out, and adopt the new code to your own, customized event website as needed. You can easily see what's new by running a compare (diff) operation between the old and new versions of the site.

    For more information, see Set up the event website in the online help.

    Easily add or remove a CAPTCHA for the event registration form

    Until now, the event registration from provided with the standard event website always included a CAPTCHA field to help ensure that only real humans could submit the form. You could always remove it by editing the event website, but now you can more easily add or remove it for any event with just a simple configuration setting. This also means that you could enable it for some events, but not all of them if you wish.

    To make this setting for any event, open the event record, go to the General tab, scroll down to the Website section and set Enable Captcha to Yes or No as required.

    For more information, see Set up an event in the online help.

    New contact-matching strategy and lead-generation option for events

    One of the major benefits of hosting events is that you get to meet many new contacts and generate new leads, so you can build new business relationships and close more sales. The event website could already generate new contacts and/or leads each time somebody registers for an event, but we've improved the contact-matching strategy and made lead-generation optional.

    • Contacts are now matched based on email address, first name, and last name (previously, just the email address was used). If all three of these values from an incoming event registration match an existing contact, then that contact is linked to the new registration record; otherwise a new contact is created and registered.
    • You can now choose whether to create a new lead for each event registration. To set this option, open the event record and set the Create leads for event registrations option to Yes or No. If you enable this option, then a new lead will be created for each registration (the system won't attempt to match any existing lead).

    For more information, see Generate and match contacts and leads from event registrations in the online help.

    Improved segmentation

    More flexible segment naming

    Previously, the character set available for naming customer segments was limited. With the December release, you are now free to include almost any type of character in your segment names, including spaces, punctuation, non-English letters, and other special characters.

    Accurate member counts for live segments

    The system now displays an accurate member count for all live segments, including both static and dynamic segments, to within an hour of the last change. In previous versions of the Marketing app, you could request an estimated member count, but this estimate was often far from the true value.

    Create write-protected containers for email and marketing-page designs

    When you're designing an email or marketing-page template, you can now add an HTML attribute that locks parts of the design at the container level as needed. This will help ensure that when other users create content based on your template, they won't accidentally break the layout or be able to remove or modify important parts of the content. Other parts of the design can be left unlocked to make them easy to customize to match the needs of each specific campaign or context.

    For more information, see Use custom attributes to enable designer features in emails, pages, and forms.

    Customer journey improvements

    New customer journey insights tell you which contacts didn't complete the journey—and why

    When you're analyzing the results of a customer journey, one of the most important things to find out is whether all your messages were delivered as expected. And if not—who was affected and what went wrong?

    The new incomplete journeys display shows you each reason why a contact might fail to complete the journey and lists each contact that falls into each of these categories for the current journey.

    To find this display, open a customer journey record, select Contact: Insights from the system-view selector, and go to the Incomplete journeys tab. Select a reason in the left column of the table to see a list (in the right column) of contacts that failed to complete the journey for that reason.

    Blocked messages

    These are reasons why Dynamics 365 may choose not to attempt to send an email message to a contact. Usually, this is related to a technical problem with the message itself, such as missing data or a missing setting. Contacts will continue on the journey even if a message gets blocked, so later messages might still get sent successfully. A message might get blocked for any of the following specific reasons:

    • Contact has do-not-email set: A setting on the contact record indicates that that contact doesn't wish to receive marketing email (or any email) from your organization.
    • Duplicate recipient address: The journey already sent the message to this email address.
    • Recipient address isn't valid: There is something wrong with the recipient address, which means that the message can't be delivered.
    • Sender address isn't valid: The email is designed with a sender address that is blank or malformed. This may affect your entire send (if you are using an invalid static address or expression), or it may affect just a few messages if you are using a dynamic expression that only fails for some contacts for which data is invalid or missing.
    • Reply-to address isn't valid: Same as for the invalid sender address, but this applies to the reply-to field.
    • Email contains blacklisted links: Dynamics 365 for Marketing analyzes the content of outgoing messages to make sure they don't contain any . If one is found, the message is blocked. The system keeps an internal list of blacklisted sights that are known to be used for phishing, hosting malware, and other issues. This feature helps make sure that you don't accidentally include a link to one of those sites in your marketing messages.
    • Email is missing required fields: A required field (such as the subject) contains no value. Usually, this type of error would be found when you error-check the message, but if you are using a dynamic expression on a required filed, then the expression could fail to evaluate for some or all recipients.

    Stopped contacts

    These are reasons why a contact might get stopped in the middle of a journey. Contacts will stop their journey as soon as any of these situations occur, so no further messages or other journey actions will be applied thereafter to the affected contact(s). A contact can get stopped for any of the following reasons:

    • Contact joined the suppression segment: The contact joined the suppression segment for the customer journey .
    • Contact lowered consent below threshold: These are contacts that lowered their data-protection consent level , and are now below the minimum level of consent for this journey. This is an important part of GDPR compliance. More information: Data protection and the GDPR.
    • Contact lowered external consent below threshold: This is the same a Contact content not given but applies when consent is being managed by an external system rather than the internal one provided with Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

    All live customer journeys can now be stopped at any time

    The December update makes sure that you can always stop a live customer journey, even if it contains errors. Previously, validation errors could prevent a journey from being stopped (because a stopped journey is published right away on save), but this is no longer the case. This problem could happen, for example, because a journey passed the error check when it was first published, but some component of the journey (such as an email message) was deleted since then so the journey isn't valid anymore.

    Customer journey go-live operations and status.

    For more information, see Go live with publishable entities and track their status in the online help.

    Easier navigation from journeys to relevant email insights

    When you're analyzing the results of a customer journey, you can select any tile in the journey pipeline to see key performance indicators (KPIs) and other information about what happened at that tile as contacts passed through it. In the case of an email tile, you can select a button to see even more detailed insights about the related email message. On opening these message insights, you can filter them to show information about all journeys where you used that message or choose to filter the information to match any specific journey. Until now, the message insights would open to show overall results (from all journeys), but starting with the December release, when you open email insights from a customer-journey tile, you'll automatically see the insights prefiltered for the journey you just came from.

    Navigate directly from customer journeys to related LinkedIn campaigns

    The LinkedIn-campaign tile for customer journeys links each contact that passes through it to a specific LinkedIn campaign, thus making it possible for trigger tiles to react when a contact submits any LinkedIn Lead Gen Form that belongs to that campaign. We've now added a convenient Go to LinkedIn campaign link to the Properties tab of the LinkedIn tile, which will take you directly from Dynamics 365 to the related campaign on LinkedIn.

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    Applies to: Project Service Automation for Dynamics 365 

    We’re pleased to announce the latest update for the Project Service Automation application for Dynamics 365. This release includes improvements to quality, performance, and usability, and is based on your feedback and requests.

    This release is compatible with Dynamics 365 9.x. To update to this release, visit the Admin Center for Dynamics 365 online, solutions page to install the update. For details, see How to Install, Update a Preferred Solution.

    Project Service Automation (v3.3.0.258)


    • Timesheets
      • Weekly time entry with support for customizations
        This feature enhances the time entry experience in Project Service Automation by providing the ability for project resources to enter time for the entire week at the same time. It will also be possible for system customizers to customize this view with custom fields or lookups to other entities. Customizers will also be able to implement custom business rules to support their organization's practices.
    • Sales
      • Price list Markups
        With this feature, users of PSA price list will be able to create new price list from an existing price list and apply inflationary markups on the different components of the project price list.
      • Per unit pricing on Expense categories
        With this feature, certain expense categories can be setup with appropriate units and a price and cost per unit using price lists in PSA. This setup will be used to default the per unit rates on all business transactions in PSA such as Quote line details, Contract line details, Project estimates, Expense entries, Journal lines and Invoice line details. This feature opens up scenarios around pricing and costing Mileage, out-sourced work and some unit - based work categories such as processing pay slips, invoices etc on projects.
      • Ability to control what actuals get added to an Invoice in PSA
        With this feature, both product-based contract lines and the time and expense actuals have to be marked as "Ready to invoice" before they can be added to a draft invoice in PSA. This feature allows for customizations in the area of PSA's proforma or invoice proposals. Customers and partners have a way to tailor the creation of draft invoice proposals in PSA by programmatically manipulating the Billing status values on unbilled sales actuals for time, expense, fees and on product-based contract lines.
      • Allow user to delete products lines from Project Invoice when the invoice in the draft state.
    • Projects
      • Project task form
        With this feature, users will be able to access task details directly from the project grid, by selecting the new 'Edit Task' schedule grid action. This new form is ideal for extensibility scenarios for tasks, for example: tracking Task Health or Task Type. Users will also be able to easily add notes to a task, encouraging increased project collaboration.
      • Full screen toggle
        This new UI control enables users to expand the following grid to full screen for an improved editing experience: Schedule, Resource Assignments, Resource Reconciliation, Estimates and Expense Estimates.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed: Restricting the ability to create invoices without approved actuals.
    • Fixed: Deleting a contract milestone for an unposted invoice, prevents posting or deleting of the invoice.
    • Fixed: Tracking View: Client-side and Server-side calculations are different.
    • Fixed: Invalid invoice frequency setup can lead to "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error when trying to create an invoice schedule.
    • Fixed: Project Approval has overlapping command sequence for "Approve" and "Reject" impacting the Ribbon Work Bench.
    • Fixed: Null reference exception when creating Project Team Member (and booking resource) through Workflow.
    • Fixed: Marking a resource request as complete removes the generic resource from the assigned task when multiple named resources fulfilled the requirement.
    • Fixed: Solution Upgrade failures when customer data contains tasks with null dates.

    Russel Hercules
    Program Manager
    Project Service Automation Team

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    Recenlty I bought Shanling M0 DAP, and while trying to run the setup.exe for its USD DAC Driver I got the below error. NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a tool that allows programmers to create...(read more)

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    The Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales service includes a user on-boarding video that highlights how Microsoft is democratizing data science and infusing machine learning to improve sales outcomes. ...(read more)

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    owl rock

    Owl Rock’s initial challenge was to merge thousands of Financial Advisors into a single CRM platform. Next, they had to solve challenges related to metrics and reporting, as well as cohesively integrate and manage more than 60,000 business contacts. Dynamics 365 was an easy sell once everyone experienced its ease, intuitiveness, power, and potential. Partnering with PowerObjects allowed Owl Rock to expand and enhance their relationship management and reporting capabilities, giving them a strong competitive advantage in their crowded marketplace. Watch this Customer Success Story video to learn more about how and why the partnership focused on combining Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement with Power BI, several PowerPack Add-ons, and PowerSuccess.

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    A very nice omnichannel capability made available in Dynamics 365 version 8.1, is the ability for customers to pay their invoices directly in the POS. A scenario is that a customer is allowed to purchase “on-account” and then later pay all the invoices. Let’s say that the customer is in a hotel, and allows the customers to buy food, drinks and services throughout the stay. At the end of the stay the customer pays for all the services at the reception. Like “pay-before-your-leave”.

    There is no requirement that the goods have to be sold on a POS. It is fully omnichannel capable. So, the orders can be created in the call-center, WEB or in stores. I would like to share this with you and how you can set it up in the Contoso demo data set. If you open the functionality profiles, you will find the possibility to enable paying:

    • Sales order invoice
    • Free text invoice
    • Project invoice (Yes! Even project invoices!)
    • Sales order credit note

    The next thing you need to do is to add a “Sales invoice” – button to the transaction screen. (I’m using Houston store, and button grid F2T2)

    This will add a sales invoice button to the POS design, that allows for paying invoices in POS.

    The next thing is to create a POS transaction/order. First select a customer (like Karen), and then use the on-account button to sell the goods.

    On the payment screen you can say how much you would like to put on account, and you also see that the credit limit and balance is available.

    The next step requires that the there are some periodic batch jobs, that needs to run;

    1. Run the “P-job”, to fetch the transactions from the channel database.

    2. Run the “Calculate statement” (manually or in batch)

    3. Run the “Post statement” (This process will create the sales order and the invoice)

    !Make sure the statement is posted and invoiced before continuing!

    The option you now have is to continue to the process in Dynamics 365, and create an automatic sending of the invoice to the customer through print management, or have the customer come to the “reception” and pay for the goods directly.

    To pay the order, select the Karen customer, and use the Sales Invoice button.

    If you have done all right, you should find the invoice in the list now. (If you have enabled aggregation in the parameters, you will have a single invoice per customer)

    I can then select the invoice (or multiple), and pay it using cash, card, loyalty (And even on-account again)

    This opens up for some very nice omnichannel processes, and I hope that Microsoft invests further in this. It would be nice to actually see the actual lines on the invoices that is being paid, and to even print-out the invoice if the customer requires this. Also I suggest that for retailers, use the modern report possibility to make the invoice look awesome.

    Take care friends, and thanks for all your support and encouragement!

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    Find resources that help you build and sustain a profitable cloud business, connect with customers and prospects, and differentiate your business. Read previous issues of the newsletter and get real-time updates about partner-related news and information on our US Partner Community Twitter channel.

    Looking for partner training courses, community calls, and events? Refer to the Hot Sheet training schedule for a six-week outlook that’s updated regularly as we learn about new offerings. To stay in touch with us and connect with other partners and Microsoft sales, marketing, and product experts, join our US Partner Community on Yammer.

    New posts on the US Partner Community blog

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    New events and webcasts this winter

    Learning news

    MPN news

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    Data Management in D365FO | Running a Specific Import Project The Data Management framework in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is mainly accessed and utilized by individuals that belong to the role of System Administrator, and supports using more

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    The holidays are fast approaching, which brings with it the annual challenge of checking off the shopping list without breaking the bank. Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have already passed, but there’s still time to save before the new year.

    For the first time ever, Microsoft is offering 15% off the first year of Office 365 Business Premium to new O365 US customers, and 15% off Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions for new or current O365 US customers via Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). This CSP offer provides an incredible opportunity to add new customers, migrate existing customers to the cloud, and increase your revenue.

    This 15% discount applies to:

    • New US Office 365 Business Premium (new O365 customers)
    • Existing US Office 365 customers upgrading to Microsoft 365 Business

    Give your customers what they want this holiday season, so they can start the new year on the right foot: a secure, modern workplace in the cloud.

    Get all you need to go to market with new and existing customers with resources designed to help you make more connections and close more opportunities:

    • Sharpen your product pitch. Make sure you understand all the functionality that Microsoft 365 Business has to offer
    • Watch the on-demand December Insider Call for even more info on the offer, new Microsoft 365 Business features, and tips to successfully selling modern workplace products

    Of course, good things can’t last forever. This limited time offer will expire soon. Find out all the details about the offer here.

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    The good news is that your business is growing. Congratulations. But are your business processes and technologies keeping up? When you started out you might have been able to count your customers on your fingers and toes. Now that you’ve grown, you need something a little more sophisticated and reliable. If you have investigated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, no doubt Microsoft Dynamics with its abundance of features and ease of use is at the top of your wish list. But, to budget the total price of a Dynamics 365 project you need to know more than just the sticker price of the software; you will need to factor in the deployment, implementation, and support.

    There’s a fast and easy way to find out what the total cost will be: the CRM Software Blog’s Quick Quote Tool.

    Here’s how it works:

    On each page of the CRM software Blog, you’ll see an orange bar labeled ‘Request Instant Quote Dynamics 365/CRM”. One click on that bar will take you to the (very short) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Quick Quote Request Form.

    Fill in some brief information, and you will receive an instant, automated Dynamics 365 Quick Quote outlining software, maintenance, and estimated services costs for an entire project. For either Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online.

    The Microsoft Dynamics Online Quick Quote Tool is free and available immediately from

    Whether you are looking to replace your legacy CRM system or dive into customer relationship management (CRM) for the first time, the quick quote tool can help you get started

    By CRM Software Blog Writer,

    The post Estimate the Cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM with our Online Quick Quote Tool appeared first on CRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365.

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  • 12/17/18--18:03: Retail Discount 101
  • Basic problem: Retail Discount Concurrency – Best Deal Knapsack Problem Basic solution: Dynamic Programming for Retail Discount Knapsack Problem Compounding: Mixing in Compounded Discounts ...(read more)

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    In the latest release of Business Central SaaS we have expanded the amount of data we bring into Business Central from Dynamics GP using the data migration extension. Here is a breakdown of the data...(read more)

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    In May 2019, we are inviting everybody to Odense, Denmark, the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. Here Dynamics 365 Business Central developers, consultants, sales people and infrastructure administrators will get 2 days packed with 33 sessions from experts in the community and Microsoft.(read more)

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    Ledgeview Partners Microsoft Webinar

    For the purpose of this blog, we are comparing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Online with Power BI.

    So, as you read through, it’s important to keep in mind that other types of Dynamics 365 Dashboards will defer from this comparison.

    However, it’s also important to note that no matter what version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 or CRM you’re on, whether it’s on-premise or online, you can connect Power BI into your system.

    This means you can use Power BI to report off of any of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM system.

    The particular differences you will find while using the technology are among features between Microsoft Dynamics versions.

    Power BI, with the newer versions of Dynamics 365 (online), can be directly embedded, for example.

    Therefore, if you’re on an older version of on-premise, the tips within this post are not applicable. Keep in mind, however, that you can still access Power BI through the Web via a unique URL that is provided to you once you purchase it.

    Power BI can also be brought up inside of iframes for on-premise; though, the Web interface is the preferred option for use for Ledgeview’s own on-premise customers.

    When you talk about sales, there are two main areas that sales reps, managers, and executives want to see, but, the top visualization request we often get is the quota.

    Of course, as salespeople, you want to see how you’re doing and how far or close you are from achieving your end-of-year goals.

    Salespeople want to compare where they are with where they should be at any given time, and Dynamics 365 and Power BI can help you see this more clearly. (Inside Dynamics, there is a Goal Module that allows users to access this information.)

    The second most-requested dashboard visualization is the pipeline.

    Sales reps, managers, and executives want to know the answers to these questions and see them in dashboard format: How do I look? What am I doing? How am I converting? Do I have enough leads to get where I need to go in my pipeline? Etc.

    With these two main areas in mind, how you see them between Dynamics 365 and Power BI is unique …

    Ledgeview Partners Webinar

    Dynamics 365

    With the standard dashboards inside of Dynamics 365, you will find the quota (or goal management).

    There are some unique dashboards based by default in Dynamics 365.

    Within them, you can see your goals, percentage of goals achieved, where you should be with your area, and a list of your actual goals.

    It’s a simple way to manage and visualize dashboards inside of Dynamics 365.

    Color-wise, you can assign different hues to goals vs. actuals.

    This layout is easy to understand and operates straightforward.

    Ledgeview Partners Webinar

    Power BI

    With Power BI, you’re still inside of your data source before entering the system itself. (Remember, if you’re on-premise, dashboards are only available through a Web URL.)

    You can see similar data as you would with the original source, but it is visually more appealing and easier to read.

    You can see business booked versus quota attained, for example.

    Scrolling down, you can see your month-to-month progress broken down by rep.

    It’s a very simple way for you to take a look at your data; and, keeping your dashboards simple is important. It will eliminate a lot of scrolling.

    This also keeps your day-to-day functioning easy for a manager, execs, and reps to know what’s going on.

    It shows one version of the truth, so to speak – one very clear version.

    You could throw hundreds of different tiles onto your dashboards, but, instead, with Power BI you can drill into the details and still keep things laid out simply.

    Ledgeview Partners Webinar

    Inside Power BI reports, you can do a lot more than you can within Microsoft Dynamics 365, formatting them, adding logos, etc. 

    It adds an element of branding to your business flows to make them more efficient.

    You can break down and see how your industry looks by region within dashboards already created without having to add a whole new report, for example.

    This is a very nice feature of Power BI that allows you to hover over your charts and keep gathering more relevant information.

    It provides an easy way for you to see your information in a cleaner area while drilling down the details without appearing overwhelming.

    Believe it or not, this is really just the start of what can be done with dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI.

    To learn more, register to watch this Ledgeview Partners on-demand webinar that shows you the full scope.

    Ledgeview Partners Webinar

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    Infographics from Ledgeview Partners - Top 10 Popular Posts

    Across industries, gaining high and continuous CRM user adoption is a huge concern for businesses today, no matter their size.

    In 2018, we addressed this common issue as a recurring theme in a variety of our content, and you responded!

    As part of our Top 10 Most Popular content recaps series, we now bring you the most popular infographics of 2018 that are focused on gaining high and continuous CRM user adoption.

    It’s time to create a more positive relationship between your users and CRM this year, don’t you think? If you’ve navigated to this post, we’re guessing that’s a YES! It should be, anyway.

    For this list, we have determined the most popular Ledgeview Partners Infographics of 2018 based on the CTR (click-through rate) of each piece of content.

    Here are the CRM user adoption top tips you loved most in 2018, in infographic format …

    Ledgeview Partners Infographic

    10. 6 Roles to Assign for your CRM Project

    When it comes to creating the right taskforce for your CRM project, you will want to make sure that all of the departments that need to be represented are.

    From executive sponsorship to subject matter experts (SMEs) to information technology (IT), there are many functionalities and responsibilities that your team/departments will need to address and delegate to ensure a successful implementation, and, keep gaining continuous user adoption down the line.

    Once you implement CRM, CRM is forever. It’s no one and done process!

    If you want to succeed with it, you know you have to be logging in every day and using it.

    (Click on the title or preview image of each infographic shared in this post to see the full-size infographic, and download your FREE copy!)

    Ledgeview Partners Infographic

    9. 5 CRM Implementation Project Team Mistakes to Avoid

    If you’re new to the universe of CRM, mistakes may seem inevitable, and, due to human nature, they likely are. However, there are proactive ways to address these common mistakes, and, even better – prevent them.

    This infographic will walk you through the process of prevention and help you gain confidence as you move forward with your system in the New Year.

    It’s time for your organization to gain irrefutable high and continuous user adoption.

    No excuses in 2019! You might “forget” about finally getting that gym membership, but, for the health of your organization, we urge you to not disregard the attention your CRM system needs in order for your whole business to soar.

    Ledgeview Partners Infographic

    8. 5 Ways to Keep Up the Momentum after your Implementation

    After your CRM implementation/rollout day, it can seem like a race (or drag) to keep up your CRM user adoption, but it doesn’t have to feel like a hustle or chore.

    The implementation of CRM within your organization should make your processes feel easier and more efficient.

    If you feel bogged down by your system, you may need more training, or it may be time to change your partner.

    To keep up the momentum after your CRM implementation day, you’ll want to engage in the behaviors shared within this infographic.

    Ledgeview Partners Infographic

    7. 5 Things Every CRM Implementation Plan Needs

    From a (fun) project kickoff meeting to developing a proper communication plan that your users feel confident executing, there is a lot that goes into a CRM implementation plan!

    This infographic will help you brainstorm what’s important to your plan and goals as you grow with your CRM system, gaining high and continuous user adoption as you go.

    Ledgeview Partners Infographic

    6. The Recipe for Planning for CRM Success

    This infographic provides the ingredients needed for a successful CRM project.

    Can you guess what one of the key ingredients is? If you’ve been keeping up with the blog this year, you might surprise yourself and know them all, already!

    If you’re ready to taste the rewards of a well-done CRM project outcome, you won’t want to skip looking over this popular infographic from 2018.

    LVP infographic

    5. 5 Quick CRM Tips on Achieving High User Adoption from the Start

    Gaining high user adoption isn’t always one of the easiest things to do, but you probably already know that if you’ve made it this far through this post.

    When it comes to implementing a CRM system within your organization, these tips will help make things a lot easier when it comes to achieving high user adoption from the start.

    Ledgeview Partners Infographic

    4. 5 Tips for Gaining Continuous CRM User Adoption During Rollout

    It’s time to make your CRM rollout/implementation day a celebration! If you’re unsure how to make the occasion a happy and lively one, this infographic will teach you how to in the most productive ways.

    Even better, we’ll teach you how to keep the excitement alive days, weeks, and even years beyond your implementation day with more expert resources that you can find here.

    Ledgeview Partners CRM User Adoption Tips

    3. 5 CRM Woes and Misconceptions You Need to Address Now

    Across businesses within different industries, there are consistent and common misconceptions that can burrow holes in your organization where CRM user adoption should be filling it up …

    This infographic will give you the opportunity to help talk your CRM users through common myths and misconceptions with new focus and direction.

    Ledgeview Partners Infographic

    2. 4 Benefits to Having a Well-Defined CRM Playbook

    Communication goes a long way when it comes to executing a successful CRM project!

    Don’t miss out on key insights and best practice tips to help take you from 0 to 100 in terms of adoption.

    LVP Infographic

    1. 5 Expert Tips to Get Your Users Excited About CRM Again

    So, you’ve (probably) lost them (your users), but the good news is, they aren’t lost forever!

    The tips shared in this infographic will help you and your users feel a whole lot better about your CRM system.

    Start putting these actions to practice within your organization to help your CRM user adoption reach new levels and shine past any frustrating lull periods.

    Clear things up, and take your team where you were meant to go, to begin with – towards more efficient day-to-day processes, increased retention, a boosted bottom line, and much, much more!

    Are you loving what you’re seeing?

    See the complete list of the Top 42 Infographics of 2018 here!


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